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Welcome to the Tread Suffolk Nordic Walking Site.

There are nordic walks three times a week, once you have learned the technique. You can learn on a one to one, or there maybe a class starting. Just ring me to find out

Nordic Walking is for everyone. Any age and any fitness level can benefit.

I’m Maggie Jennings, I’ve enjoyed teaching Nordic Walking for many years, both in Suffolk and across the Country, join me now for a course and experience all that Nordic Walking has to offer.

Learn to use your upper body to take strain and pressure from hips, knees and ankles. Using a special technique you can lose weight, tone all areas, including the core muscles, walk faster and longer with less effort, and generally free up all tensions in back, neck and shoulders.

In this site you will find out all about us, our training and our local Nordic Walking walks.

Contact Maggie Jennings by e-mail or call on 01728 687689